As the collaboration continues I face everyday censorship from youtube. Perhaps envy or even ( but surely not ) ridicule of my work, below is the transcript of the issue raised by an witless unknown third party.

“In accordance with the Community Guidelines, this video has been removed from YouTube.
It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive content to YouTube. If the main purpose of your content is to drive people off of YouTube and onto another site, it will likely violate our spam policies. In addition, misleading descriptions, tags, titles, or thumbnails designed to increase views are not allowed. Tags should only be placed in the appropriate tag section and not in the description.

If you believe this decision was made in error, you may appeal using this form. The YouTube team will review our original decision and reinstate the video if appropriate. We will notify you by email of our final decision on your video. Please note that you may only appeal this video once.”

Incensed I replied that the video is a valid artistic expression and not ” spam ” and soon had the video reinstated, though pretty pointless as an act of censorship it did little to undermine my enthusiasm for the project.


Ants Upstairs

Through the joys of Twitter and Hotmail, Leon and I have been collaborating on a project using his sound design and my film making. Mine is historical and his is brand spanking new. On my end of the sea saw I take inspiration from the film work of David Lynch and Tom Waits both heroes of mine, Leon himself has shown some of the same tendencies as these giants…..reclusive, tendency to intimidate small children whilst high of steroids and a long list of criminal activities……oh the irony of it all as music has saved me from more that one penal colony myself and hell they ain’t around no more.

Actually I’ll be asking Leon some educated questions next week and you shall read his replies.

No Twisted Wires

Collaborations and interviews in the fast developing world of sound design.

Hi Leon, thanks for giving me some of your time to answer a few questions. I see from your work that technological innovation is a big thing in your work, what won’t you be without when creating your own sound design?

A field recorder and granular synthesis engine. The combination opens up a sound pallet and discovery opportunities for years to come.

 Sound design has it’s underground stars, was there any particular artist or singular piece of work that introduced the genre to you?

Not really. Sound design hit me about forty years ago and came to me in bits and pieces of radio art, storytelling, experimental psychedelic rock pieces, sound use in conceptual art. It was, and still is, everywhere.

 Nowadays I’m inspired by a more cinematic and storytelling sound art form. Two excellent sources are Soundproof, an Australian production by Miyuki Jokiranta and The White Whale by CyNarPictures.

Looking at the experimental side of music then Raffaele Pezzella, also known as Sonologist, is a great influencer. Raffaele runs the ‘Unexplained Sounds’ label and Facebook group. Every Sunday he hosts an hour-long listening session on Mixlr. In doing so, he has taught me so much about experimental music/sound art and introduced me to wonderful creative musicians in the process. Highly recommended for anyone looking for unusual new sounds and music.


 Do you have any memorable experiences regarding sound that’s still very vivid today?

 I’m very interested in the sounds that convey a sense of safety. When I was a young kid, I used to snuggle on the floor, hidden from view, listening to grownups mumbling without actually listening or understanding what they were saying. These soothing soundscapes are still dear to me. Sites like Coffitivity.com use sounds like this to boost productivity.

 Since a sound artist won the turner prize of contemporary art in 2012 many artists have been working to bring sound art back to the attention of the public, is there any artist you love the most?

Manja Ristić, very talented instrumentalist and performer from Belgrade, Serbia.

 What projects are you currently working on?

My current focus is to get out of the woodshed, meeting new people, getting fresh perspectives on sound, art, music. Let’s perform together and see where that brings us.